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How Women And Men View Relationships Differently!

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PREVIEW: Ancient Women Formed Relationships For Survival

  • For the past nearly two million years, women bonded together in groups to survive in their primitive dangerous world.
  • Historically and even today, women bond in relationships by sharing their daily trivia and problems with each other.
  • When women talk about their problems they are heard, understood, and establish an on-going relationship with the other women in their group.

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Women Share Common Interests And Daily Trivia  

Women working together.

The daily activity for many of women's ancestors was to tend the children and gather berries, nuts, seeds, roots or whatever they could find to feed the family. For safety and protection, the women usually worked in groups of women. These daily group activities resulted in women developing two important skills, which women still have today:

  1. Relationship building: Women's relationship building in the group was very important in order to be accepted by the other women in the group for continued protection and survival.
  2. Multitasking: The women were doing their routine chores gathering food while at the same time caring for the children, being alert for predators, and doing relationship building with everyone in the group.

That is the reason women today are much better at relationship building and multitasking than men! It is in their DNA from their ancestors!

Relationship Building Is Important To Women

For women, relationship-building with other women is a part of every activity. Women build relationships by talking freely about their daily trivia and troubles. "I'll tell you about my day and troubles, and I will listen to yours so that we can be close." This sharing process reassures women that they have a good relationship, are protected, safe, and will survive. This relationship building habit is still very strong in women's genes today!

Men don't have this same need for relationship building so they can survive!

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Men Seek Status Building To Survive

Males together

The major drive in our male ancestors, as well as today's men, is "status building": Trying to show their superiority over other men. Most men are always working hard to prove themselves as the "greatest hunter" with the highest status in their group. They think being the "top dog" will get them the privileges that come with high status.

This need for superiority in today's men often shows up as being a "workaholic". An underlying cause of a workaholic's drive is the need to have high status and thus reap the rewards at the top. In our modern culture this strategy of "work hard and reap the rewards" often works to some degree.

Status Building is a High Priority in Many Men

Guy rock climbing

This ancient need for high status in men is still operating in the deep old brain of today's men. Starting at puberty, it often drives human males to take risks, compete in all varieties of activities and brag (or lie) about their imagined high status.

Males jumping

Fortunately, the newer outer layers of the male brain are adapted to learning new ways of behaving for status-seeking. This learning comes with experience as one matures.

Unfortunately, teen boys may not show much restraint in status-seeking. There are millions of online videos showing male teens doing incredibly stupid stunts on bikes, skateboards, or whatever trying to prove they are better than their peers. Teen girls seldom do the kind of status-seeking that many teen males exhibit.

Here Is A Big  Problem Between Women and Men

Man and woman talking When a man hears a woman talking about her problems (to do relationship-building), he thinks she is just complaining  or is requesting help! So instinctually, the man responds with solutions to the woman's problems -- because that is a man's job: to fix things! But this just frustrates the woman because she feels he is trying to diminish her problem or cut her off.

The woman doesn't see a relationship developing with a guy who can not even hear or understand her and her problems!

That infuriates most women trying to build trust and a relationship with a man in the way she does it with her women friends!

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