How Women And Men View Relationships Differently!

What Have Women Been Doing For Millions of Years?

  • What do women want from each other?
  • What do men want?
  • What is the biggest problem between women and men?

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Women Share Common Interests And Daily Trivia For Relationship Building  

Women working together.

Women Do Relationship Building Better Than Men. Women today are much better at relationship building than men because it is in their DNA from their ancestors. The habit is still very strong in women's genes today even though it is not needed for survival!

Status Building is a High Priority in Most Men

Guy rock climbing

This ancient need for high status in men is still operating in the deep old brain of today's men. Especially starting at puberty, this need for high status often drives males to take big risks in order to raise their status. Most men compete in many direct and indirect activities to display their superiority.

Males jumping

Unfortunately, teen boys especially may not show much restraint in status-seeking. There are millions of online videos showing male teens doing incredibly stupid stunts on bikes, skateboards, or whatever, trying to prove they are better than the other guys. Teen girls seldom do the same kind of dangerous status-seeking tricks that many teen males do.

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Here Is A Big  Problem Between Women and Men

Man and woman talking When a man hears a woman talking about her problems, he thinks she is just complaining or is requesting help! So instinctually, the man responds with solutions to the woman's problems because that should raise his status as a "fixer" of her problems. That is a man's job: to fix things! But this just frustrates the woman because she feels he is trying to diminish her problem or cut her off. She just wants to build a relationship by sharing her problems. She is not looking to get "fixed"!

Relationship and Love Advice for Women:

Recognize how most women build friendly relationships with other women by sharing personal problems and trivia. This habit is a naturally inherited survival tactic from millions of female ancestors. And recognize that most men don't understand this is how women build relationships!

Try to understand that your problems and daily trivia are not important to most men. Men are more interested it their status in their world. High status is what will get them what they want - they think! (And you should know what most men want!)

At men's deepest DNA level, their perceived high status is what is most important for survival and getting sex, food, and sleep. Girls, stop thinking that men are interested in your daily trivia and having a "relationship" with you!

Relationship and Love Advice for Men:

Guys, recognize that you probably infuriate most women trying to build a relationship with you in the way they do it with their women friends. When she tells you about her problems, that is just private information that she is willing to share with you. It is her way of getting close. Shut-up and just listen. Don't try to "fix" her problems unless she asks for your help!

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