Why Men Are So Competitive and Combative

Ancient Men's Important Keys To Survival:

  • Ancient men who were competitive and combative became the leader of the group or tribe.
  • The leader of the group or tribe got the rewards: Choice of women and food.

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Men's Evolved Survival Strategies Are Different Than Women's

Male Hunter.

Our ancestors Homo Erectus evolved about two million years ago. The best hunters and providers were greatly valued, and that earned them the power to control the group. This rewarding position at the top of the group came with special privileges. They got the first choice of food, comfort, and all the women desired for sex. That was the best life a man could hope for in those bleak times. Therefore, men evolved to be very competitive to compete for the rewarding position at the top of their group hierarchy to get the privileges and rewards.

Men Became Competitive And Combative

Guys jumping off cliff

Competitiveness and combativeness are still strong in men's DNA today. However, competitiveness is expressed today in different ways than being the best hunter and provider. Most men today compete and try to demonstrate their superiority by achieving difficult goals, adapting leadership positions, or sometimes just lying and bragging about their importance.

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Men's Identity Struggle

Sometimes by the time most boys reach adulthood (30? 60? 90?) they learn how to be socialized and behave with good manners without openly revealing all their status-seeking tactics.

However, even well-socialized men still often compete for high status, but it is usually done in accordance with their culture's unwritten rules.

Males golfing

One interesting way many modern men compete for a higher status takes place in playing golf. In this group of male golfers, each is dressed similarly. This conformance indicates they each agree to equal status with the others and will follow the unwritten group rules about no blatant status-seeking.

However, every man is doing his very best playing golf to raise his score above that of his peers. Each is trying hard to raise his implied social status! This type of status-competition is a common pattern for men in sports, arts, hobbies and, etc.

Relationship and Love Advice for Women:

Recognize the effort most men put into trying to raise their status. This is a natural instinct from men's ancestors. A high status is the way most men's ancestors got their needs met for sex, food, and rest.

Most often today, high status is demonstrated with large amounts of money and what money can buy, like a big house and luxury car. And yes, men are often still seeking high status to get a lot of good food, "hot women", and maybe a "trophy wife".

Relationship and Love Advice for Men:

Guys, try to recognize how much of your time and energy is devoted to trying to raise your perceived status in your life. Is it working for you to get what you want?

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