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Male-Female Relationship Study Results

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How women and men view relationships differently.How bodies are designed to survive and breed. Mate selection chemistry facts.Women's and mens's needs are different. How the mating game really works best.Women want some of this in men. Most men don't do this right.Women want to feel important and safe. What are the real love chemicals?What the latest research reveals about relationships. Men seek high status. Why?Humor is very important. Modern women's favored traits in men.Where our instincts come from. How hormones affect the body and behaviorWhat's it like dating modern women?

Male-Female Relationship Research Results

This site briefly summarizes some of the fascinating recent research on women's and men's relationship differences from the fields of evolutionary science studies.

You may be surprised by what researchers discovered about women and men in relationships. We will reveal some of the strong hidden influences on relationship-building and how we seek a mate. Some of you may even discover the real reason why you pick the type of mate you seem always to end up with. (For definitions of terms used go to National Academy of Sciences website.)

About Women and Relationships

Women's behavior today is driven largely by ancient DNA from their female ancestors who lived over the past millions of years. Women are still using some of the same million-year-old behaviors, even though those behaviors are unnecessary today.

Mom and baby

One of women's strongest inherited behaviors from their ancestors is to build close friendships with as many other women as possible. The purpose of this relationship-building is to ensure survival and protection of themselves as well as any present and future children.

During the past millions of years, women's ancestors lived in a hostile and dangerous environment. Daily life was filled with many dangers, and life was often short. Women's heritable traits for relationship-building enabled them to adapt to their environment and survive better. The survivors were able to raise children who had the same heritable traits in their DNA for female relationship-building.

Women today still exhibit the traits for relationship-building even if they have no children and even after the childbearing years!

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Women friends laughing The evolved need for close relationships with other women comes easily. Women unconsciously know every smile, pleasant word, and caring encounter with another woman is an investment in future survival. DNA still in women today makes relationship-building a natural daily activity where ever possible.

Men Are Very Different

Men in conflick

Close relationships have not been important to men for their survival for millions of generations. In fact, men have evolved to be competitive and combative in order to survive. Men rely primarily on their physical strength and clever tactics to manipulate their physical world and others. Men do not have an evolved need for building relationships with anyone else like women do.

Male-Female Relationship Summary

One of women's strongest subconscious needs is to build trusting relationships with other women. Lots of close female relationships make women feel that they have a better chance of survival in a dangerous world.

This need for many female relationships is still in the DNA of women today from millions of their female ancestors.

This need for many female relationships remains strong throughout life, even after the child-bearing years and in a much less dangerous world.

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