About EastWest Institute
for Self-Understanding

About the EastWest Institute For Self-Understanding

The EastWest Institute for Self-Understanding is a consortium of professionals dedicated to these goals:

Lawrence Rodrigues, B.S., M.S.

Director, EastWest Institute for Self-Understanding
Location: Sacramento, California 95825
Established: 1980

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About Our Male-Female Research Reporting

All contents on our web pages are accurate to the best of our knowledge and are based on extensive research of the literature in various scientific fields including Anthropology, Physiology, Anatomy, Genetics, Zoology, Evolutionary Psychology and Evolutionary Biology.

Although all material on our sites is based on valid research and theories, we have minimized the academic practice of citing the numerous authorities and research references involved. This practice will make our websites more readable, which is the desire of most site visitors from many different cultures worldwide. Our EastWest sites are not meant to be textbooks but are intended to provide maximum reliable, accurate, and useable information as efficiently as possible.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to the many dedicated researchers who have enriched humanity's knowledge about the interesting topics covered in all of our websites.

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